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The Useless Pilgrim paste-up by renowned street artist Fikaris is a striking piece of urban art presented in black and white. Measuring 841mm in width and 1189mm in height, this paste-up demands attention and invites contemplation. Featuring an iconic Fikaris figure, the artwork conveys a sense of lost purpose and existentialism. The stark contrast of black and white intensifies the emotional impact, emphasizing the figure's isolation and search for meaning. With included instructions, this monochromatic paste-up can be easily installed in one's home, allowing art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in its thought-provoking imagery and delve into the depths of the human condition.

Black and White image

Size A0 (841mm W X 1189mm H)

Take Home - Cut Out - Paste Up





Paste-up Pack How-To Instructions


Scissors, Paint brush, Measuring cup, Saucepan, Wooden spoon, Empty ice-cream container (or similar)



Ingredients: 2 cups water & 1/2 cup plain flour


  1. Mix ½ cup of cold water with ½ cup of plain flour and stir until smooth
  2. Boil 1 ½ cups of water in saucepan
  3. Slowly pour cold mixture into boiling water
  4. Stir constantly until a smooth paste is formed
  5. Allow to cool before transferring to storage container to use

Please make under adult supervision



  1. Carefully unfold the paste-up so it doesn’t rip
  2. Cut paste-up along image outline to get final shape
  3. Colour in the art or leave as is
  4. Ensure paste-up fits where you want it
  5. Wet wall with wheat paste where the paste-up will go
  6. Apply paste-up by hand starting from top to bottom
  7. Smooth out any paste-up overlaps/creases
  8. Apply a coat of wheat paste over the paste-up
  9. Allow to dry and admire your work