The 70s tee bar returns

Mall rats rejoice! The 70's tee bar is back with a modern twist. Fashion comes full circle with the increasing popularity of heat transfers and what better way to celebrate the reinvention of the tee bar of our youth.

Exhibition dates:  3rd to 11th March 2023

70s tee bar set-up

Pasteup is heating up the press, the transfers are ready to go. All you have to do choose the street art design and we will do the rest right in front of you to have your custom t-shirt ready within 10 minutes.

You may remember the Kiss, surfing summer, psychedelic or google eyed hot rod designs of the past but we've taken the concept into the 21st century. Participating tee bar artists include Oskr.2021, Logan Moody, Leadbeater, Gnashingteeth, Tinky and VKM just to name a few - making a modern addition to this nostalgic concept.

At $50 a design using Australia's own AS Colour t-shirt as the base, they may not be at 70's prices, but we think they're a steal and support Australian business and creatives.

A proud participant in the 2023 PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Fashion Culture Program